New ebook about true passive income strategies.

What is the smart money doing that you’re not?
Discover the Passive Income Streams that I personally use
(and all the things about Money I wish somebody told me 20 years ago).

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Ok, my mind is officially blown... This is by far the best f*** thing I've ever read about money. This should be mandatory reading at school. Thanks Seb!
Andrew White
I've read a lot of books on making money, and this guy hits the nail on the head. Just that swap strategy at the end is worth the price. Highly recommended.
Richard Acton
I have had rentals for years and have been winging it. The alternative RE stuff opened my eyes. And the concept of OPW...
Gee what a good e-book.
I give it 5/5.
Cameron Niedermayer

In this new Ebook
you will learn:

  • Do you know why most people don’t have financial freedom?
  • Can you tell the ONE idea that separates the Rich and the Poor?
  • What are the 3 forgotten skills that will generate income anywhere, anytime?
  • What are the Passive Income Strategies nobody else is doing?
  • Are there ways to create Passive Income so simple, even my boys can do it?
  • How do you start Passive Income with Zero Money?
  • What is the most powerful force in the Universe? How can you use it to get unfair advantage?
  • What is OPW? Why is it so damn important?

This could be the best investment of your life.
(9700 words. You will get a PDF file 2MB).
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Follow the money.

If you look up Passive Income on the Internet, you find out two things real fast.

1st: At least half the people think it’s a scam.

2nd: The other half keep recycling the same limited ideas over and over again, usually evolving around renting out Real-Estate or some kind of Digital Marketing business. Hype and BS have truly taken over.

But this is only the tip of the iceberg…

Under the surface is where the juice is: The best information money can buy.

In Passive Income For The 21st Century you will get all the stuff they don’t tell you at school or the mainstream media.

In Part 1, I will share with you the things I wish somebody told me 20 years ago about Money and Real Wealth.

In Part 2, You will learn the Passive Income Strategies that I personally use.

In Part 3, You even get the idiot-proof way to find a job or start a business online. If you’re short on cash, that will put you back in the black. Now you can start creating your own Passive Income Streams. No more excuses!

Writing this book is the way I found to help the most people possible.

What happens next is up to you… I suggest you act NOW, while it’s still the calm before the storm.

This could be the best investment of your life.
(9700 words. You will get a PDF file 2MB).
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Sebastian is a Passive Income Investor and traveler. He world-schools his twin boys, sharing his time between Asia, Europe and South-America.

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